Meet Reji

At Reji, we're obsessed with making customers happy. We've built the Reji digital sales and service assistant to help customers make smarter shopping decisions in-store and in-catalogue. Because we know that customers live with the shopping decisions they make, we support them with great after sales service as well!

Improves customer shopping experience from Hi to Buy!


1. Scan to learn

Customers are incentivised to download the Reji app and use the app in-store (or in-catalogue) to learn more about products. Salespeople can also welcome Reji users personally!

2. Choose offers

Customers are offered a choice of personalised promotions from the retailer and non-competing Reji promotions in addition to the great products they use Reji to learn about

3. Checkout & Go

Customers purchase using the Reji mobile app, verify their purchase with a salesperson at the Reji Live Checkout and they leave OR they organise delivery and leave... it's that simple

4. Enjoy

Customers access helpful tips, 1-click access to service & support and simple re-ordering of consumables or parts from the retailer (if supported), the manufacturer or from Reji

The Reji solution

Reji works with partner retailers to equip the customer with the Reji Digital Sales and Service Assistant mobile app (with partner retail branding), and the retail salesperson with the Reji Live CRM/Checkout

Reji Assistant


Helps customers throughout their entire journey, shopping smarter in-store and in-catalogue, saving time with the fast Reji Checkout, and accessing service and support to improve their ownership experience.


Reji Live CRM/Checkout


Manage store and catalogue performance with live in-store CRM, improve sales with the Reji Sales Assistant powered by Augmented Intelligence and delight customers with the fast Reji Checkout.

Customers feel like royals with Reji

crown (2)

Tailored sales & service

Make customers feel royal with personalised service, promotions and access to a broader range of great offers

owl (1)

Smarter decisions

Customers make better decisions with personalised suggestions and access to rich product information & customer product reviews

hourglass (1)

Save time

Remove or reduce the checkout queue to help your customers remember your amazing service... not your checkout


+ Ownership Experience

Reji provides automatic warranty registration and one-click access to service & support to improve customers ownership experience

Reji gives retailers a boost

reception-bell (1)

Make it personal

Personalise sales & service with the Reji Live CRM and build up your own database with Reji's help

french-fries-box (1)

Cross-sell with intel

Increase sales with targeted upsell and cross-sell (backed by data) before checkout and in-catalogue

infinite-symbol (2)

Extend the aisle

Offer customers more choice with products from your online catalogue or from Reji partners

bars (2)

Boost productivity

Boost salesforce productivity and augment your salesforce intelligence with the AI powered Reji Sales Assistant

piggy-bank (1)

Reduce costs

Reduce checkout time & cost and negative customer experience with the fast & portable Reji Checkout

analytics (2)

Understand in-store like online

Improve performance utilising live activity and analytics with the Reji Live Dashboard (coming soon)

Make in-store shopping great again

Personalised Sales & Service

Reji's Sales Assistant powered by AI (augmented intelligence) helps salespeople offer amazing personalised service accessing customer preferences, purchase history and product info on the Reji Live CRM.


Digital Sales & Service Assistant

Sales assistant busy? No fuss, customers can browse and make better purchase decisions with the 'always available' Reji Assistant providing easy access to rich product content, customer reviews and personalised offers from the retailer and/or the manufacturer.


Scan & Go, Fast Mobile Checkout

Let's face it, no one likes to queue, with Reji, they don't have to... customers use their Reji mobile app to pay, verify their purchase at the Reji Live Checkout and then go! With purchases requiring delivery it's even faster.

Increase sales and see how Reji makes in-store shopping great again

Bring catalogues to life

Clever catalogues

Customers use Reji to research catalogue products, read reviews, receive personalised offers, organise delivery and pay... all from the comfort of their couch. Reji enables catalogues to be personalised for every customer and tracks the impact of catalogues on store visits... clever hey? 

Measure and improve the performance of your catalogue campaigns 


Simplify after sales service with Reji


Customer care

Reji improves the customers 'ownership experience' with guided set up and install, style guides, helpful tips and check-ins that reduce the rate of return. If something goes wrong, customers have purchase, warranty and service & support only 1-click away. Reji also provides tools to manage regular servicing, re-orders, recalls and product stewardship.

Strengthen customer loyalty by improving the ownership experience

Ongoing personal engagement

Reji is made for retailers who recognise that customer experience doesn't end when the customer leaves the store. Reji provides the tools for personal, relevant, and attractive ongoing customer engagement. 


Partner retailers pay only when Reji increases their sales


Digital Assistant

FREE for beta/trial period
  • Boost your salesforce productivity and meet the needs of the informed consumer
  • Build/strengthen your customer database and integrate with your existing CRM
  • Understand customer behaviour in-store like you do online in a truly powerful way

Fast Checkout

% FEE Bank processing fee's
  • Reduce checkout time and cost to focus on providing an amazing in-store experience
  • Customers will remember your service, not your checkout line
  • Option to integrate with existing checkout

Personalised Offers

% FEE enquire for details
  • Increase items per sale through compelling personalised cross-sell and up-sell offers at the right place and time
  • Build up a great understanding of what offers appeal to your customers to enrich your marketing campaigns across other channels

Reji would love to meet you

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